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Monday, May 10, 2004


Exactly one month ago was the last post here and around 4 months from now I will be a father of three. Yes, Felisa is carrying twins. Yup, I can hear jaws from Canada to Florida, from Atlanta to Indiana crashing to the floor at incredible velocites. We found out in Atlanta, tried to keep it hush-hush for a little while. But no longer, I guess it is now time to change the site's name from babywalters to walters cubed or something cool like that, I don't know (email me suggestions).

Anyway, the doctor says that they are both girls and he is 99% sure. Well I am still holding out for my lil prince :) But either way God knows what is best for us. And I am officially giving out the call to all who are willing to come and help if you can :) It will be a tough couple of first months at Camp Walters but weare up to the task and I know we'll be quite fine here in Panama. Oh that's the next bit of news. Most of you do not know this but we are now in Panama, will be here for awhile. Felisa has been transfered by Kimberly Clark and I am focusing on growing my company and I am also searching for a second job while I try to drum up business at The Imaji Nation.

Back to Aliana. We finally got to go to Jamaica, and the most wonderful thing happened. Aliana started walking in her parents living room. Right there in JA. It was so wonderful, especially for my parents who wont be able to see her very often. Si that was great. Felisa finally went to a Jamaican beach (missed it the first time she was in the island). And I got to stay for an extra week. Unfortunately many of my friends did not see me or get to talk to
me...nex' time :) So, your prayers please for Felisa as she goes through this very tough yet happy period and as we try to adapt to life in Panama.

Nuff Luv!