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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

They are doing GREAT!!!

Well the babies are doing very very well. Despite their low birth weight they have a highest possible APGAR score . Felisa is doing quite fine too. She is estatic because one of the girls latched on for a feeding :) Anyway, gotta go, check out the pictures below. And remember you can always leave a comment below any picture or post that's on the page.

likkle layta,

us.... Posted by Hello

Twin #2 Posted by Hello

A better shot Posted by Hello

Twin #1 Posted by Hello

Angel tales a peek during his visit. Posted by Hello

Here is our doctor. He was very worried over the weekend. Called his associate on Saturday night to ask her not to go anywhere, in case the babies needed to be delivered. Now hi i sincredibly relieved :) Posted by Hello

She sucks it down! Posted by Hello

Mommy does a feeding Posted by Hello

A beautiful boquet from Kimberly Clark Panama Posted by Hello

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

more pictures to come Posted by Hello

On the way to hospital Posted by Hello

chit-chatting with the doctors wife Posted by Hello

high blood pressure, babies must be delivered now. 180/120 Posted by Hello

checking in Posted by Hello

prep time Posted by Hello

on the way to the surgery  Posted by Hello

twin 1 - 5lbs Posted by Hello

twin 2 - 4lbs 13oz Posted by Hello

They're here!!!

Hi Everyone,
Our two daughters were born last night at 9:09 and 9:12 pm ! Both girls are fine and are doing well. Mommy is doing good too. The first one out weighed 5lbs flat and the second twin weighed in at 4lbs 13oz. Although they are half of Aliana's weight they are breathing well and feeding too. They are in incubators right now but hopefully, God's willing they will be out soon and ready to go home. Possibly this week! Please see next post for links to video clips and photos.

one happy daddy :)

Sunday, July 25, 2004

For those of you who did not know Felisa before she became pregnant :) Posted by Hello

I love my Grandma! Posted by Hello

Aliana's handy-work Posted by Hello

Lets smile for Daddy :) Posted by Hello

Imani gives a portrait Posted by Hello

Aliana and her freind from church, Imani Posted by Hello

A No-Church-Sabbath

Today was a hard day in that we really miss going to church. So we watched a sermon on tape, had luch, fell a asleep and kept track of Felisa's blood pressure. Like my friend Dane (from the group Touch) whose wife is also giving birth next week will tell you, babies do alot to a mom's blood pressure. For Felisa it is mercury rising! Today though for the most part it was not too high. We are trying to keep her rested so that it stays down. Our next appt. is on Monday. The doctor thinks he might deliver them then. At the last appt. he was pleasantly surprised to see how healthy the twins were from the last ultra-sound he did. He actually said they were perfect, with a big smile on his face The are now respectively at 5 lbs each. And thier Mom is as proud as as ever of her two lil watermelons that have taken over her body :) Anyway, keep praying and stay tuned. Posted by Hello

This was before Felisa got put on bed rest and was working from home in our little back office Posted by Hello